Shameless Plug

My Nephew Presents…

A video!

For your viewing pleasure is a Christmas video by my nephew, Aidan. It celebrates our recent discovery of an amazing/ridiculous Christmas song from 1960 titled “Dominick the Donkey”

Show some love to both my nephew and the donkey, but, please, if you have any sort of criminal record, don’t come within 10 feet of either of them.


65 thoughts on “My Nephew Presents…”

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stacie. I hope Santa brings you far less coal than you’ve received the past few years. (Is it me or does Santa have some persona vendetta against you? What a dick!)


    1. Question: is that Elton John who keeps appearing with the gray hair and glasses? I will definitely share this with my Dominic. My favorite part may be when the reindeer falls over, but the whole thing is great. I always thought it was so annoying the way he pronounces “made in Brooklyn”. Broccoli would sound better.


        1. Hi, this is Aidan…..yes, the broccoli was a sounds better right? And Stormtroopers should ALWAYS make a random appearance I think! Thanks everyone! Aidan, age 11


          1. Hey Aidan!
            You’re right, broccoli sounds way better. I’m sure broccoli also tastes much better than Brooklyn, but that’s really just me making assumptions. For all I know, Brooklyn tastes like a mix of peppermint and kitten snuggles.


  1. So much for eating at Olive Garden tonight… or getting that song out of my head… (Eee-ahhh Eee-ahhh)… or ever getting a pet donkey. But there’s no denying, your nephew is a genius.


          1. The same thing happened with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, but the statute of limitations has expired. Unfortunately for him, he expired first — but you’ve got the green light. I’ll play guitar. Worst case, we both get kicked out together.


  2. I’m another of your more fossilized followers who remembers that song from back in the day. Aiden, great work! I thought the location shots were very inspired. Maybe you can take on another video next year. Have you ever heard “Purple People Eater”?


  3. That was very cool. I’m always amazed by these stop motion videos. I don’t think I’d have the patience to create one. Gotta love stormtroopers! Also, I want a lasagna now.

    Little note to Aidan: Keep on creating!! This was so fun to watch!


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