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LINK: M-I-C… See That Exit? K-E-Y… Why? Because You’re Fired!

Below is a link to my newest article for Forces Of Geek and editor Stefan Blitz.  I am taking a break from FOG for a few months, so please send me off by clicking on the link below.



 M-I-C… See That Exit? K-E-Y… Why? Because You’re Fired!

Mouseketeer Roll Call! 

Mary Danella Espinoza…?

* insert sound of record scratching here *

For three seasons, The Mickey Mouse Club entertained America’s youth five days a week with dances, songs, special guests and more. The Mousketeers were kids that everyone could relate to, kids that seemed unpretentious and nice, kids that were approachable if run into on the street. 

“Everyone who wants to keep their job next week smile on the count of three. 1-2-3!”
“Everyone who wants to keep their job next week smile on the count of three. 1-2-3!”

Back before the child performer factory of today that spits out a Zack and Cody or a Miley Cyrus with every turn of its gears, the Disney talent scouts held open auditions for a children’s variety show.

Kids (professionally-trained and those that only danced at family gatherings) were given an equal chance to become a Mouseketeer.



35 thoughts on “LINK: M-I-C… See That Exit? K-E-Y… Why? Because You’re Fired!”

      1. “I am both surprised and relieved that none of the performers went on to star in porn.
        And if they did, I don’t want to know about it.”

        It was being held for moderation. Go figure. 😉


    1. Thanks, Becca.
      I’m just taking a break to focus on other things. I’ve done 41 pieces for FOG, so far. I’m not taking a break for any negative reason and plan on going back at a later date.


    1. No kidding. Walt’s just lucky that kid didn’t punch him, too.

      “You’re firin’ me? Me?! Nobody fire’s me, I quit! Here’s my resignation, old man!” *punch to the gut*


        1. You are? So, you have your official ‘I’m Popular, Bitches!’ shirt and secret decoder ring? Never having been popular, I will live vicariously through you. Take pictures.


                  1. Well I dunno, deer and bunnies get so distracted. You know, with the bunnies procreating, and deer thinking there’s a hunter behind every bush. And those birds? Could they lower their register a smidge? I mean, I Like my hearing!


  1. Great article. Funny, of course, but interesting and informative. I sound like a ready-made blurb.

    Thanks to my inherent credulity, my internal response to first reading that Annette Funnyjello funded the Viet Cong and then the retraction was: “OH MY GOD, I didn’t know that, I can’t believe….oh. Oh, yeah. I should have figured.” Thank you, though, and I mean this sincerely, because for a brief moment, I believed something that made my head want to explode. This is a rare and wondrous thing. Someday I’ll tell the story of the time I thought the devil was talking to me from my computer.


    1. Ha. For a brief moment, someone thought about Annette in an angry way. I am all powerful!

      I know that the devil was not talking to you through your computer only because he has not had internet access for several months now. Verizon really sucks.


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