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LINK – Disney Proves Evolution

To many, Evolution is a theory, one that can be argued, debated and even disputed. While I may lose some readers who are devout Disney Creationists, I do hope the rest will consider the evidence I have collected. Evidence that I hope will put to rest the creation vs. evolution debate regarding Mickey Mouse.

With that said, please read my grad school-like thesis, Disney Proves Evolution, which documents the evolutionary process of Mickey Mouse in real-life, but also the terrifying incarnations that scarred generations of children. 


Disney Proves Evolution

Unbeknownst to the television audience, these children weren’t running toward fun and magic, they were running from the walking terror and living nightmares of Mickey and Minnie.

16 thoughts on “LINK – Disney Proves Evolution”

  1. Thank you for this thesis on the evolution of Mickey and Minnie over time. The picture of Minnie and Mickey’s heads with the gashes in them were rather freakish and can probably account for an entire generation of children that needed to seek therapy in their adult years. Excellent research.


  2. Holy mouse teeth. I had no idea that Mickey & Minnie had gone through so many changes. That 1955 photo is going to give me nightmares. I’m not sure how Disneyland even managed to stay open until 1956 after kids saw those two horrors. But if this doesn’t prove evolution and natural selection, I don’t know what does.


  3. Nice work. There is a photo of me as a child standing next to Mickey and Minnie and I am crying my sweet ass off, which would have made sense had I been in the 1955 photo. Thanks for the nightmares!


  4. Sir, I am a proud Disney Creationist, and find your heretical assertions to be beyond the pale. Repent, oh sinner of your evil ways, lest you find yourself for all eternity in the fiery pits of hell (Knott’s Berry Farm).


    1. An eternity suffering the pains of Camp Snoopy is something I cannot bear to imagine. However, I suppose I’ll be in good company with the likes of Horace Horsecollar Hitchens and Donald Duck Dawkins.


  5. It’s obvious those older pictures were photoshopped by atheists, communists and liberals.

    Hilarious, Sir, and I applaud your research, and the bend in your mind that concocted this!


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