23 thoughts on “LINK – Two Women, One Madame”

      1. She is indeed in the Disney World one. She creeped me out as a kid too. She was a good looking broad without the creepy makeup, but in that video of her doing the Haunted Mansion schtick, she really looks scary. It kind of unnerved me, actually.

        Loved the article, btw!


      2. yes, as stated, she’s in both, and i think the two rides are nearly identical. apparently i’ve been through it enough times that my kids can recite pretty much every word from every song and every leota-type figure. and, one of the heads that pops up in the cemetery looks exactly like her step-father. we get an extra kick out of that one.


  1. When I read your post’s title, and saw the word “Madame” I immediately thought there might be some link to Weebles, for I had completely forgotten about The Haunted Mansion. I’ve only been to the Disneyland version and I only experienced it in its entirety back in 1971 — so it’s no longer very fresh in my head, but I recall I liked it. 26 years later, my sister and I idiotically took her 3-year-old daughter/my niece there and the kid was terrified. What were we thinking? Obviously, not very intelligently. We walked out and to make Sweet Pea recover the happies we again subjected ourselves to that adult terror, the obnoxious musical boat ride that makes you want to jump overboard and drown yourself, “It’s a Small World.”

    Thanks for the back story about THM’s talking head.


  2. Hey, I wrote a nice comment and for some reason it didn’t show up. Did you get it, or did I delete it by accident? Basically I just said that the Haunted Mansion ride is one of my favorites at Disney World. I really enjoyed your post.


    1. I don’t take compliments well, so I deleted your post. Kidding.
      I so want to compare the versions of The Haunted Mansion, but Disney World is far and expensive. I have to wait until they take it on the road.


  3. haha! I was worried that’s what happened. I’ve been to both and I think it’s fair to say that Disney World kicks DisneyLand’s butt. I’m just saying… I miss the old rides in both parks. Are you old enough to remember the Matterhorn Bobsleds? I also miss the sky ride that took people across the park. What about 20,000 leagues under the sea? I went on that in Disney Land.
    I think both parks need to come up with more rides, they’ve gotten sort of lazy lately with a lot of virtual type attractions.


    1. The Bobsleds are still there. In fact, they are getting a makeover (aesthetics, not redesign). 20,000 Leagues was before me, but the Skyway I remember. I cracked a tooth leaning over the rails on that one. Tarzan’s Treehouse is abysmal, though. It has zero charm.


  4. Wow! Really cool article! That is absolutely wild – I had no idea about Leota Toombs (such a great name! Is it a coincidence her last name is essentially TOMBS!!! Weird) and Eleanor Audley! Out of this world!

    The Haunted Mansion is always my go-to at Disney (surprise, surprise, right?!) and the first time I went I nearly peed my pants (I was five or six)! Leota definitely freaked me out with her way. I remember only peaking at her through my palms while she did her little bit…..

    Today, I can definitely appreciate that fantastic FACE!

    Really cool. I love this!


    1. Little Leota definitely scared me as a kid. Today, she’s borderline sexy.

      Toombs and Tombs is a coincidence, but even stranger is the fact that Toombs is dead. *DUM DUM DUMMMMM*
      Would she still have died had her name been Leota Lazarus?


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