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If you feel inclined (or even reclined, I’m not picky), click on the link to read my newest article for Forces Of Geek.


I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr… Ooh! A Squirrel!

When and if you hear the word Asta, there is a long list of things that it does not mean:

American String Teachers Association

American Society of Travel Agents

American Seed Trade Association

Asta is, in fact, a name and not an acronym that makes someone giggle and think, “Seriously? There’s a group for that?”

For fans of classic movies, Asta is a quintessential staple of the Thin Man films, a less heroic but far cooler version of Lassie. From his first appearance onscreen (dragging Myrna Loy on the end of his leash), it is obvious that Asta is not a well-trained, obedient pet; Asta isn’t a pet, at all! He’s a peer on equal footing as his “owners” Nick and Nora Charles.

A lesser-known factoid about Asta is that Asta never actually existed in real life.

Asta was merely a character, the same as Nick and Nora Charles, the same as Santa Claus, the same as many of my own childhood friends (Hi Magic Elf! Hi Soiled Cardboard!)

The dog—no, actor–behind the iconic Asta was actually named Skippy.


“Hey! Where the hell is my imported water with the slice of cucumber? I’m Skippy Effin’ Asta! I’ll have all of you blacklisted, you got me?!”


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      1. How did you know? I’m on step 4 and I have to admit I’m a little stuck. It’s totally writer’s block and has nothing to do with Mark Hamill’s enduring legacy as an actor. Do you want a signed copy of my unfinished first draft by chance? If so, you’d be the first and I’ve already asked, like, everyone in my family.


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