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OT (Original Trilogy)?… OP (Oh, Please)


As the Star Wars saga begins its return to theaters in 3-D, many filmgoers and Star Warsenthusiasts can’t help be reminded of the initial disappointment they felt upon the original release of Episode I.

Back in 1999, it was common–if not expected–of any self-professed ‘real fan’, to take to the Internet and voice their anger and disapproval of the film.

Many felt George Lucas had destroyed their youthful sense of wonder, euthanized their favorite characters and, in some extreme cases, even raped their childhood (which suggests that their virgin snow-like purity was, for some reason, given over to Mr. Lucas to hold in his air-tight wall safe).

A similar reaction followed the fourth Indiana Jones film just a few short years ago.

After Episode I, the world would forever rue the name Jar-Jar. After Crystal Skull, fanboys began the constant regurgitation of the phrase, ‘Nuked the fridge.’ Still, another thing that emerged from the online critic crowds was their use of the term OT (Original Trilogy).

But, here’s the thing…

While the term is a part of the geek lexicon, it is often being used with the same clumsy inaccuracy as calling pizza a vegetable.

Whenever ‘OT’ is employed, whether in an article, an open letter that George Lucas will never read or via forums, it is commonly referring to either the Star Wars or Indiana Jones films. Two forum examples of this are:

 “Watch the OT, then tell your girlfriend there are no other Star Wars movies.” – user Librarian about Star Wars

“We got…the new film yet…fans who…loved the OT…hated the NEW film many years later.” – author Megatrends about Indiana Jones

Okay, let’s start with Star Wars.




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