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Mickey Mouse Disco Is A Bad Mutha…


Originally broadcast Sept. 6, 1979 via radio station KSLL.

(transcribed by Mike Calahan)


The following is an excerpt from the mid-day show Funkatronics, co-hosted by Frenchy Kiss and Cashanova…

(intro music begins)

Cashanova –Uh-oh, it’s that time, again.

Frenchy –It is time for KSLL’s album review of the week.

Cashanova – Tell ‘em what we got.

Frenchy – We here at Kay-Soul love all sorts of music, from funk to soul to R&B and, of course, Disco. Now, some of you out there have been making claims that Disco is dyin’ a slow death, that it ain’t long for this world. Well, I am here…

Cashanova – We!

Frenchy – That’s right, we are here to say that Disco is not only alive, but it is fit, it is in shape and, my babies, it is sexy. This is because there is a great new album released that will ensure that Disco lives forever. I’m talking about Mickey Mouse Disco.

Cashanova – This LP has fallen from the heavens and landed directly into the charts.

Frenchy – For those of you who might think that Disney is jumping onto the bandwagon…

Cashanova – More like the jamwagon.

Frenchy – Yeah-h-h-h. Disney ain’t jumping on nothing. Nuh-uh. Mickey Mouse is not riding a bandwagon. Babies, he is driving that wagon to the top and becoming the newest Disco sensation of Sexy Mountain.

Cashanova – Not since Disco Duck has there been such an overwhelming embrace of Disco by the general pubic.

Frenchy – That’s right! From the suburbs to the projects, Disco is now this nation’s official musical genre. God bless America!

Cashanova – You know something? I wore down the needle on my hi-fi, last night, listening to this album over and over. I couldn’t stop dancing! Then, when my girlfriend came over, well, we did some dancing, too, if you know what I’m saying.

Frenchy – Did you keep the record playing?

Cashanova – Damn right, we did! And let me tell you something, let me tell you something: I never thought It’s A Small World could be a sexy-ass song, until last night. I don’t know why, but the ladies go crazy for that track.

Frenchy – And it’s a good message of peace to all the little babies out there listening.

Cashanova – Why do you think this album is gonna change the music world?

Frenchy – Well, there’s no doubt it will. From here on out, music will be known as BMMD and AMMD! Before Mickey Mouse Disco and After Mickey Mouse Disco. You can take that to the bank and tell them Frenchy Kiss gave you his word.


Cashanova – It changes everything, it really does. I used to think of Mickey Mouse as just some dumb old cartoon rat. Now, it’s like he’s evolved, he’s matured, you know what I’m saying? I mean, this mouse is now one of thee hippest dancers with the flyest threads there is in the world! Take a look at this cover. Take a look. Red slacks, orange vest, puffy shirt shining like diamonds.

Frenchy – Slick as they come.

Cashanova – And check out Donald on the flipside. This is a dude that can be one of the best-dressed fellas on the dance floor and still doesn’t have to wear pants. That is some serious cool right there.

Frenchy – Speaking of which, I think Macho Duck is one of the best songs to come out in years. It takes a style of music that has been, in my opinion, made commercial and corporate by the likes of The Village People and takes it back to its roots. Macho Duck brings back the class and honor that Disco has been missing.

Cashanova – I agree, baby. It makes Disco legit, once again.

Frenchy – Oh, and what about that Goofy?

Cashanova – I love that guy. Crashing around on the dance floor!

Frenchy – We’re talking about the track Watch Out For Goofy, babies. Now, if you are ever at a club and this Goofy comes in and starts dancin’, well, step aside! This is one of the clumsiest cats around.

Cashanova – But, still, one of the coolest.

Frenchy – So, to sum up, babies. Lots of folks like to claim that every new record is the greatest record ever, but, now trust me, babies, Mickey Mouse Disco IS the greatest record ever. I will stake my career on that. This is the most revolutionary album of all time, one that will change the face of the music industry from now ‘til doomsday.

Cashanova – And probably after that.

Frenchy – Probably, Cash. Probably.

Cashanova – Now, let’s go to traffic and weather with our very own…

Mickey Mouse Disco peaked on the Pop Charts at #35 and had gone 2X Platinum by 1980. A video was produced in 1980 that quickly gained a cult following. Today, the album is considered a must-have collectors’ item and the video is widely-discussed, but rarely seen, although it exists mostly today in bootleg formats.

In 1981, the DJ known to many as Frenchy Kiss disappeared while driving through a car wash. It is believed by many fans that he faked his own death and moved to Canada.

The popular DJ Cashanova was killed by his girlfriend in 1983. The two had been arguing over pizza toppings when she pulled a gun and accidentally shot him eight times with a two-shot Derringer.

The overall style of music known as Disco, however, did die a much needed and very timely death.



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